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Questions and Answers

What does Aminowill have?

★Professional laboratory, perfect quality system;
★Production workshops manufacture according to GMP management system;
★Perfect storage and logistics system;
★Strong financial support from Wuxi Jinghai Amino Acid;.
★Professional customer service team;
★Experience of more than 20 years in production and sales for amino acids

What can Aminowill provide for our customers?

★We can provide professional amino acid testing, quality control and other services for different kinds of customers.
★We can also provide sifting, crushing, premixing, instantize, granulation, sub-packaging and other OEM services.
Object of Jingyu:
Jingyu aims to integrate superior resources to provide customers with excellent solution for amino acids.
Our object is 100 % customers’satisfaction by providing efficient and all - around solutions & technical service.

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